Specializing in delivering customized and applicable training, inspiring employees to work safely.

A Safety & Risk Management Company

How much money are you losing by not managing risk (safety) effectively?

Specializing in delivering customized active workshops, inspiring people to work safe (manage risk), as well as serving corporations to advance their safety system.

Safety & Risk Management
Safety & Risk Manamgement Consulting
Safety Management System Development
Safety Management System Legislative Review
Custom Program Design
Development of Safety & Risk Management Materials

Workshops Available
Consulting Services
  • Updating and Improving your existing Health and Safety Management System cross-referencing programs/elements, procedures/practices, manuals, etc. against current legislative and industry requirements, as well as meeting Certificate of Recognition requirements
  • Development of Health and Safety Management System (programs/elements, procedures/practices, manuals, etc.)
  • Development of Forms and Job Aids to empower Health and Safety programs
  • Job Hazard (Safety) Analysis
  • Advise on legislated and industry Regulation and Code
  • Safety System and Program Assessments
  • Development of Project Safety Plans
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